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Forms 4 U
Forms 4 U
Power Graphics has been working for resellers for over 11 years and has completed over 8000 graphic design projects. With this experience we've created several forms that will help you fill orders with a minimal effort. Please review the PDF files below and feel free to print them out and make copies for your office. If you would like a form personalized please let us know and we can set that up for you for a minimal text change fee.
Getting Started Pricing
Direct Payment Form Order Form Promotional Products Codes
Quote Request Document Distribution Product Codes will allow us to create an efficient pricing system across the board for all the products and services we sell. The codes will be legible only with the above .pdf. This will allow your pricing, or what we call discount, to be for your eyes only.
Invoice Example PG Approval Form
Terms & Conditions
Design Forms
Design forms can be used as guides for the customer to communicate with the designer if specific ideas are to be used. Normally the Power Graphics team will work with the client to guide them to a powerful marketing piece. Many clients have no idea what will help them sell more products and services. You'll find more information on how to guide your clients in the "Help Tops" in the menu bar.
Business Card Design Guide Post Card Design Form
8.5" X 11" Brochure Design Form Rack Card & Door Hanger Design Form
Banner Design Form Tent Card Design Form
These design forms are only for general information. You can use other ways of communication as long as the communication is done well so the designer can understand them.
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