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Logo Design IS Profitable for You!
Don't forget logo design! This is a very popular marketing aspect that you don't want to miss. Once you have the logo design you can easily print everything from business cards to T-Shirts and everything in between. You must remind your clients that in the 21st century if you're serious about building your business you must have a Identity in the form of a logo. A logo is used to brand a company into the minds of those that it is placed in front of. Who are "those"? The people the company wants to do business with. Most likely the day they need your services and products is the day they don't remember you. That's why first impressions are so important and a logo is key to that!
"New" Logo Design
I want to introduce you to the value of good graphic design... "Hello I'm a graphic designer and if allowed to be creative using the studies I learned in school and my experience in marketing I can create for you one powerful logo". Cheap and fast are not always a good thing. Michael Angelo spent years drawing sketches before ever wetting a paint brush against the Sistine Chapel. Visual Concept Systems has created a "win win" strategy to create clients logos. Your suggested retail price is $151.25 and your discount off this is 50%! Yes, I want you to make a profit from this graphic design work. If you don't make a buck you're not going to sell it and if it's not perceived as a valuable service to your clients they will not buy it.
4 Creative Designs
For a suggested retail of $151.25 (Discount Code L applies) Power Graphics will communicate directly with the client via email. Your client can supply information about their company, market and expectations. We've worked from napkin drawings and scribbles in Microsoft Word and any other information we can get from the client.

The graphic designer then sets out to develop a 21st century logo designed to help the client make money. I always tell people I go to the Men's Warehouse to purchase my suites because I know they have trained designers developing suites that are 21st Century and made to make me look good! Why would you settle for anything less? You could... You may end up with the wrong fabric, the wrong number of button and the wrong collar size for the century. You don't think a logo can make you look like you're from the 70's, 80's or 90's? You know a suite can... A inexperienced logo can do the same thing.

The client will receive 3 designs via email to look at. That leaves 1 design in case we're not close. They can choose 1 design and we'll make 3 or 4 changes to it to get it exactly right. If they client is unhappy they can purchase another four designs, but this rarely happens.

To the right is a logo we did for a company called Mika Trade & Marketing. You can see the logo and website Visual Concept Systems created for them at

This is a service you'll want to promote in your store with a nice size banner, poster or sign of some type. The number of start-ups in the US is incredible and we find Logo Design a great source of revenue and a winning strategy for building ongoing relationships with clients.

Someone thought these suites where cool at one time...
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