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Marketing Tools to Promote Your "Profit Center"
Sell Printed Graphics from home, office or retail locations.
With over a combined 30 years in business the Visual Concept Systems team knows that unless the word is out people will not purchase our products and services. The hard part is working with a small budget or blowing a large budget on plans that have not been logically conceived. There are a handful of ways we successfully promote the Power Graphics business and we want to share these with you.
The Power Graphics Retail Successful Concept "Coffee & Copies"
Building a Home Based Business or Promoting the Store Front
Depending on the municipality you are in there may be rules on what you can do and can't do in front of your stores. You can generally find the codes by going online to the communities' website or calling and asking for the sign codes. Here are a few ideas that have been very successful for Visual Concept Systems.
Build Your List Yesterday!
You need to start building your lists yesterday by using every contact you have! This will just be a start. The list building must be on-going. At the least a quarterly email must be sent to your list. Take our free advise and start with the link to the right for Imnica.
Tools you will use and sell!
  • Email Marketing
  • Yard Signs
  • Lighted Ligns - Back lit or from the front
  • Banners
  • Sandwich Boards - A Frame Type
  • Static Cling Window Signs
  • Cut Vinyl Lettering
  • Websites
  • Vehicle Graphics (Full Wraps and Lettering)
  • Non Permanente Adhesive Vinyl Signs (Walls & Windows)
  • Feather Type Flying Banners
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Direct Mailing
  • Community Involvement
  • Joining Networks
  • Attending Organizations
  • No Fear!
Promotion is very important. If you are having little success selling our products and services it's because there is little or no promotion inside your store. There must be a designated area just for Visual Concept Systems. Once you have that area set up you need strong communication devices to remind your clients that it is there. The best place to set up your Visual Concept Systems is at your retail desk near where customers come to talk with you. You should have room for some samples, order forms and an area to write.
Store promotions are very important to promote all your products and services. On this page we have several idea projects that will help you better understand what works.
  • 4 foot Square Banner Frame with banners $496.78
  • 6 foot Round Banner Frame with banners $400.78
  • 4' Triangle Banner Frame with banners $445.18
  • Plus Shipping and Handling (Your Costs)
  • Flying Banner Display 8 foot Message $352.78
  • Flying Banner Display 10 foot Message $355.18
  • Plus Shipping and Handling (Your Costs)
Start understanding how to make money. request more information.
  • Cealing Banners with Clips that hook into Drop Cealing Frames
  • Rigid wall Signs
  • Wall Posters using Non-Permanente Adhesive Vinyls
  • Cut Vinyl Lettering and Molded Plastic Lettering
  • Pop-Up Banner Display
  • Sample Displays
  • Table Top Litterature Dispalys
  • Reference Flip Books
  • Banners Photos of Products
  • Table Top Displays
  • Interior Floor Signs
  • Loadable Sign Frames
You'll Learn Promotional Campaigns
Promotional campaigns can be business cards handed out, news paper ads, vehicle graphics, direct mailing pieces and more. Visual Concept Systems does provide marketing strategies and help in planning promotions.
Most business owners fall prey to the "marketing thought of the week" and never seem to produce a plan or enjoy any significant marketing results.

From our professional experience we feel BAB Marketing© is the single most powerful small business marketing program that works marketing as an integrated system. That's why Visual Concept Systems marketing has experienced incredible growth over the past 11 years in business. A vision is selected, a plan is made and strategies, in various stages, that any business, regardless of size, can use to finally produce stunning returns from a consistent marketing effort. It's all wrapped into BAB Marketing© the single most powerful marketing tool for small business today.

  • You can attract all the clients your small business can handle
  • Work only with clients who value what you have to offer
  • Significantly increase what you charge for your services
00Take an inside look at owning a business and how "BAB Marketing" can help. This is a unique opportunity to explore the Visual Concepts Systems operation by reading the revealing manual! Including:
  • Quick Cash Flow Start Guide
  • Introduction to Residual Income
  • Setting up Your Business Name
  • Who is VCS
  • Knowing Your Products and Services
  • Introduction to "BAB Marketing"
  • The Five Minute Pitch
  • Processing Residual Income
  • Prospecting Cash Flow
  • Day 1 "Cashing In!"
  • Summing Things Up
  • "BAB" Cash Flow Process 
  • Marketing Research Questionaire
  • Introduction Item
"This is not an EBook" This book is 100 pages of helpful information that will help you learn how to set up a company and help you produce sales. You don't need thousands of dollars to purchase a business. The graphics business is a viable growing industry with large opportunities for the person willing to work hard for it. Once the order is processed you will receive your copy via UPS Ground.
These are all solutions that Visual Concept Systems, Inc. can help you and your clients with. Quotes on request.
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